Fursov Alexey Vasilyevich

Was born October 6, 1974 in Leningrad. In 1995 graduated Saint – Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics with the speciality of Financial accounting. In 2004 graduated North-West Academy of Public Administration with the speciality of Human resources management. In 1994-1995 served as economist in Inkombank. In 1995-1996 chief executive of Atlantis company (wholesale trade). In 1997-1998 chief executive of Deck Plus company (telecommunications). In 1999-2001 vice-president of Velikiy Gorod company. In 2000-2004 chief executive of Nevskaya Telephone Company (IP telephony). Since 2001 founder and CEO of Eurasia Holding. In 2005 Delovoy Petersburg newspaper called Alexey Fursov Top-manager of the year and the icon of special business publication “Golden edition. Top 100”. In October 2008 Alexey Fursov was awarded “CEO of the Year” prize in nomination «Breakthrough of the Year in Service Sector» and double awarded the famous international competition prize organized by Ernst & Young Corp. in Russia.

The biggest chain of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars in Russia

Nowadays our chain numbers more than 130 restaurants and sushi bars in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev and Kazan. During 2013 the Eurasia chain will expand further in Moscow and other large cities in Russia and Eastern Europe. The majority of Eurasia restaurants is situated in St. Petersburg. Geographically the Eurasia chain covers the whole city from the residential districts to the central downtown area. There are Eurasia sushi bars on the suburbs of St. Petersburg like Pushkin, Gatchina, Kronstadt, Kolpino, Priozersk, Sestroretsk and Vyborg. Besides classic Japanese restaurants, the Eurasia Holding includes restaurants of different types of cuisine with Japanese, Mexican and Uzbek dishes featured on the menu.

The Eurasia chain is famous not only for its diverse menu and permanent high quality of dishes but also for its interesting specials and offers allowing sushi-lovers to have dinner or supper for beneficial prices. Perhaps, our most famous special is “Happy Hours”. If a customer buys one drink or one item on the menu from 3pm till 6 pm, he or she will receive the second one for free. During two years of functioning, “Happy Hours” has become so popular that customers lined up at the entrance of restaurants after 3pm every day that time (particularly at the restaurant on Vladimirskiy prospect). For our regular customers, “Happy Hours” is simply magnetic!
Since foundation, Eurasia Holding has run many events for regular customers such as prizes and gifts drawings, including cars.

In 2007-2008 several significant events were held, the most striking of which was Master Class by Masaeshi Kasato and Kensaku Yosida, president and vice-president of the World Sushi Masters Association. After the master class, Mr. Masaeshi Kasato and Mr. Kensaku Yosida created an exclusive special menu for Eurasia restaurants. Eurasia Holding pays a lot of attention to suggestions and wishes of our customers. For this puprose we created a special service to manage this element of our company.

In 2010 the chain of sushi-bars and restaurants Eurasia officially entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest chain of Japanese sushi-bars and restaurants in Saint-Petersburg.

In 2012 the success and popularity of the chain of sushi-bars and restaurants Eurasia was notes outside Russia. Eurasia got the prestigious Ukranian prize “Brand of the year”

In 2014 Eurasia keeps developing and now offers new service. Eurasia created the unified Quality Assurance Unit. You can call the Hotline phone number from every city in Russia or send an e-mail and leave your requests. Eurasia also offers new service “Call-order-take”. Eurasia supports loyalty of guests offering interesting beneficial specials, represented new web-site “Eurasia Coupon” and released special Gift Certificates. The number of loyal clients of Eurasia restaurants in Saint-Petersburg is more than 1 million people in 2014! And we keep working with pleasure and gratitude that you choose our restaurants chain for celebration of important events, meetings with your dearest and nearest. Keep being our Eurasians!=)